Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ok, so here's the deal..

No COBRA it is. After thinking it through and listening to opinions, it didn't seem like the best option. Plus, I was able to get a phone consultation scheduled with the RE, instead of physically going into the office. So, that's fantastic. I don't have to worry about any "surprise" tests they want me to take right then and there. This way, if they want me to come in, I'll have to schedule it and know exactly what they want done and how much it will cost.

I am actually waiting on her call as I type.. They set the consultation for sometime around 4:00pm, so it should be any minute now. For some reason, I am strangly, very nervous and have a sick feeling in my stomach. I guess just the whole roller coaster of trying to figure out when I will actually start the fertility meds, how much it will cost, the monitoring involved with it, etc. Then, throw in the fact that my Fieldwork for school starts the week after next, which would prohbit any appointments during the day for 8 weeks. Then I have one week off and 8 more weeks following that. Kinda hard to be dealing with all of this infertility mess when I have no time to go in for monitoring, etc. So, this phone conversation is going to determine quite a bit when it comes to what our next steps are.. I wish she would call already before I throw up all over my keyboard from the nervousness.

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