Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm a planning fool...

So, I am only 10 weeks along today.. But then I read something this morning (or maybe it was last night?) that said the next 30 weeks will go by fast.. And I assume they will.

I have always been a planner in everything. Our wedding, our new house, trips, etc. And it's naturally carried on to the baby planning. I will admit that I browsed through nursery bedding ideas months back before I was even pregnant... but wasn't exactly sure what I liked.

I am a VERY indecisive person and I typically go back and forth with decisions for quite awhile and if Christian isn't sure either, it only makes it worse! haha It honestly makes me feel anxious when I am trying to decide between two or more things... So, I decided to just get it done.

For example, Christian and I decided on baby names that we liked quite a while ago.. We have a boy's name picked out and a girl's name picked out. We are not looking through baby name books or coming up with other ideas. We have two names picked out and we're sticking to them.

Same thing with baby crib bedding.. Yesterday, I spent a great deal of time looking at bedding and e-mailing them to Christian for his opinions. We've narrowed it down to one boy bedding and one girl bedding.. and I'm 90% sure that we're sticking to those.. unless I stumble across something else that I like more (but I don't really plan on looking) or if we find something that is a little more reasonably priced. We've also got an idea of what color we are painting the walls, depending on the bedding.

There is also a line of baby items (stroller, bassinet, etc.) that we really like and I'm pretty certain that's what we're going with..

So.. I'm only 10 weeks pregnant, but I'd say we've got quite a bit figured out already! :)

My next appointment is with my MFM Dr. on Tuesday, the 16th. We're having another ultrasound, so I'm excited about that.

I'm still waiting on my temp license so that I can start work. I really hope that it's here by next week. I can only work until October and need to get started to make some money! We mailed out 38 resumes to different companies for Christian yesterday... hopefully some leads will come from that!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

...And back on the injections I go!!

My MFM Dr. took me off of my Lovenox and decided to closely monitor me, due to my history of Osteopenia.. She said that being on the injections caould cause me to lose 30% of my bone mass.

Well... today, I started getting some numbness and tingling in my right arm.. My arms are where my blood clots always form.. Which, my Dr. has said, is rare and shows that I have a higher potential to develop clots. So, I called and left a message for my Dr. just to see if I needed to do anything differently (I take a daily aspirin) and they said to start up my Lovenox immediately tonight!

..And just when the bruises on my stomach were starting to heal.. But, whatever it takes to keep this baby alive, I will do.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Since the beginning of my pregnancy (when I found out), the longest I have gone is 2 weeks between appointments. I'll only be 9 weeks this week, but I've already had 4 appointments! My next one isn't for another 19 days.. and it's been about a week since my last one. Yes, I know that many women don't get their first appointment until 8 weeks, so in that sense, I am lucky, but still...

I have been really sick and at my appointments, I have been told this is a really good sign that things are going along as they should. This weekend, I started to not feel *as bad* (although I still am sick some throughout the day) and it's making me nervous. I'm not saying that I WANT to be sick, but being sick has assured me that things are going ok.

I have to admit that I am turning into a nervous wreck.. I am so nervous that I am going to go in for another ultrasound in the next few weeks and something won't be right with the baby.. I know I need to think positive, but I'm just scared.. Infertility will always be a part of my life, no matter what, and I'm trying to enjoy the pregnancy, but I just can't right now. The fact that they also took me off of my injections makes me nervous as well.. I could handle the appointments every 2 weeks, but having to wait longer is just hard. ...And I think the main concern is coming from the fact that I haven't been as sick the last two days..