Friday, May 16, 2008

It's Friday.. Thank God.

This week has gone by relatively fast, but I am still thankful that it's Friday. We've got plenty of plans this weekend. I'm taking my sister to church this evening, my brother's staying the night with us, we're taking him to his drum lessons in the morning, we're going to the community picnic, and meeting friends for fireworks in the evening. Then Sunday, my brother has two soccer games and we're going out to eat for his birthday, which was earlier this week. Busy weekend.
The mother in law sent me a message this morning-- thanking me for her pajamas that were given to her for Mother's Day. I thought about 1) ignoring the comment or 2) writing back a smart ass remark that they were not from me-- they were from her darling son and him alone. But I took the high road (yet again-- I'm up a zillion to none) and reponded with a short "You're welcome." That women grates of my ever loving nerves. I know why she's trying to have contact with me after 10 months.. her daugter (which would be my wonderful sister in law) is on the verge of getting engaged. And I'm sure that mother in law thinks that if she begins talking to me now, that everything will be perfict for her darling baby's wedding. Fat chance lady. It'll be a miracle if I even go. And if I do, I will not be speaking to you. Can't you tell I love my Husband's family? Ha.
On to an update on Maggie, my gas station dog.. I stopped by this morning to visit, but she hadn't decided to grace us with her presence yet. I spoke with the gas station lady, who has now been idetified as Sandy. She is so overwhelmingly happy and appreciative that I am trying to help Maggie out. Sandy has been feeding her for some time now and would love for her to have a home. This wouldn't be as much of a problem if it weren't for the fact that Maggie is so scared of people that it's going to be hard to catch her. I dropped off two bags of dog food, along with bowls, and a note with my phone number, in case Sandy needs me for anything before I go visit them again.
I've got people who have offered to transport to a home once one is found, but the problem is first finding her a foster and getting her vetting done. The Husband is probably going to kill me, but at this point, if a few weeks or so goes by, we may have to foster her. I can't leave her out on the street, knowing that she needs help. But I do promise you this-- I'm not doing this again. Not until I have a big ass house, with plenty of space for a dog to be fostered. Trust me, I really do not feel like fostering right now, but at the same time, I can't leave her out there.. How can I not help when I know there is a need for it? Some may feel this is a good attribute to have, but at this point it almost feels like a flaw in my character.. I know that there is a need, so I feel that I need to help resolve it.

Can my life ever be simple?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another day.. another dollar.

Saw little Maggie (as I'm calling her) again today.. Stopped by the gas station on my way into work and was met with strange stares as I parked to the side and got out of the car, carrying a container of dog food. I spotted her, standing in the middle of the busy parking lot.. looking lost. What amazes me is how all of these people can just walk by her and not pay her an ounce of attention. No greeting to her, no remarks on how they feel bad for her. I mean, seriously.. is that what this world has come to? That we honestly don't give a shit about an animal that is suffering? Maybe I am in the minority here, but it seriously breaks my heart. If I have the ability to help, then I'm going to. And I have made this my mission...
I've e-mailed an animal rescue group here in Nashville and am waiting on a reply.. I going to search for some others to see if they can help me. I'm willing/wanting to continue to feed her and try to gain her trust.. Once I reach that goal, I would like to take her to a rescue that can find her a good home.
I thought about her last night as I was laying in bed with my two boys.. They were both cuddled up on the blankets and Coop, resting his head on the pillow.. Bailey prefers to sleep at the bottom. It makes me so sad because at one time, that was Bailey. Homeless-- no where to go to receive love.
So, wish me luck with this and I hope that I gain her trust soon. I want to shorten the length of time that she's out there wandering the streets. And as cliche as this sounds-- spay and neuter your animals. It would help to cut down on helpless animals with no homes.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Day One of Rescue Stray Dog a Success!

There's a stray dog over by my work that frequents the parking lot of a gas station. I went in Friday and spoke with the people to confirm that she's a stray. I let them know my intentions of coming by each morning and feeding her and eventually trying to catch her and get her into a foster, etc.
So, I went out and bought some additonal food to keep in my car for her.. This morning it took me a few minutes to spot her, but finally did. She is very scared and will not let anyone come even remotely close to her. The closest you can get is literally maybe 50 feet away.
I showed her the food and tried to coax her over, but that was a no go.
So, I set the food on the sidewalk and walked out of sight where I could watch her. She slowly made her way over to the food, grabbed the side of the plastic container it was in, and took off with it.
She walked along the side of the gas station, into a grassy area, where she was away from everyone, and chowed down on the food! :)
I was so glad that she ate it! Now.. let's just hope that as I continue to do this, she'll eventually let me get closer.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good News (if you can call it that)

I got into the evening A&P class that I needed. I kept checking and someone dropped and there was one lonely spot available. I don't think I've ever raced so fast to put a number into the registration page on the computer to secure my spot. So, I've got it.. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays will be school nights for me for eight weeks during my sumer "break". Which also adds to the fact that Chrsitian and I will see each other one night during the week. And the boys will not be able to continue on with daily evening walks. Which means that I should get up in the morning to take them. But I don't know if I can pry my eyes open any earlier. We shall see.

Getting ready to go to lunch with coworkers. Mexican food can always cheer me up.

Monday, May 5, 2008

My life is great..

Ugh. I am annoyed-- beyond belief. Well, I was getting ready to start this blog with this weekend's events, but I just had a coworker come up to me and say, "So, Ryann.. Any plans on kids soon?" I hesitated for a moment and then just looked at her and said, "I have fertility problems." That, of course, made it a weird situation and she responded with, "Oh, I didn't know that. Well, I guess there's really no rush though is there.. I mean, with you being in school and isn't C (husband) in school as well." So then we had a short little chat on when we graduate, etc.
I mean, seriously.. Is it acceptable to ask when someone is going to have kids. Maybe I am just ultra sensitive today, but don't ask me about kids. I feel like a bitch, but seriously..

I also found out that I have to take A&P this summer or I'm dropped from my OT program-- with one semester and clinicals until graduation. And of course, all classes are booked. I spoke with my OT director and there's nothing she can do to help. Her advice was to look into other schools to take this class, since it has to be completed this semester. I called and found that the purge date is May 15th, which means that at 12:01am on May 16th, anyone who didn't pay gets dropped from their class and there may be a spot left. Which means that I will be setting my alarm to get up at 12:00am to see if I can snatch an open spot. I'll be damned if I have to go to another school to take this class.. like they will have any open slots anyway.

I'm sorry, but I have having a "my life sucks" day. Oh, and to top everything off, the tax thing that everyone is getting.. Yeah, according to the schedule, we were to have ours transmitted into our account no later than May 2nd-- well, we never saw it. Not that it really matters anymore because if we get it, $300 goes to the boys to get their yearly shots and then $400 goes to pay for this bullshit class I have to take. Woo Hoo for me! My life is great...

Friday, May 2, 2008

You know..

I was just thinking.. Why don't I post any pictures on here? I guess I am worried that someone I know will somehow come across this blog and my secret(s) will be out. But seriously.. what are the odds of that? It's not like I have such an interesting life that people are googling my name to see what they can come up with (although I do not believe this blog will).. But then again, maybe someone is? Yeah, ok.. I only think I'm that important.. Seriously, I'm only kidding.. I seen to be in a mood this evening..

Oh, and PS- People on Craigslist suck. I'm tired of making plans to meet them (for instance, a bird that I was thinking of adopting) and then being called and told that the item/animal (in this case) that I was coming to see, has been sold. Seriously? I have had this time set with you, but someone calls and offers more money? Asshole. See, I told you I was in a mood.

Random Sighting

Husband and I went to dinner tonight and saw the crack whore I blogged about a few posts ago- one of the wonderful girls I went to highschool with that is now knocked up by some dead beat guy. Ok, Ok.. so I don't know for sure that she is a crack whore.. but I have speculations. At least I know she enjoyed the whole drugs and whore thing in highschool and from what I've seen/read on her lovely myspace profile, it doesn't seem to have changed much. All I know is that I would make a damn good parent-- more than she would.

Ok, rant over.. I seriously haven't seen this girl in like 5 years and I write a random blog after I came across her myspace profile and then I saw her today. Karma? I hope not.

Checking e-mail like it's crack..

I refuse to relax until I find out my final grades of the semester. The main one I am worried about is A&P. My professor said she would e-mail them yesterday, but still.. Nothing. I am literally checking my e-mail about 20 times a day. I even go through all of the junk e-mail, line by line, to be sure that it wasn't put in with those by mistake. I'm crazy, I tell ya. Talk about some OCD. I know that I have some OCD tendencies (don't even get me started!), but this is rediculous.