Monday, May 12, 2008

Day One of Rescue Stray Dog a Success!

There's a stray dog over by my work that frequents the parking lot of a gas station. I went in Friday and spoke with the people to confirm that she's a stray. I let them know my intentions of coming by each morning and feeding her and eventually trying to catch her and get her into a foster, etc.
So, I went out and bought some additonal food to keep in my car for her.. This morning it took me a few minutes to spot her, but finally did. She is very scared and will not let anyone come even remotely close to her. The closest you can get is literally maybe 50 feet away.
I showed her the food and tried to coax her over, but that was a no go.
So, I set the food on the sidewalk and walked out of sight where I could watch her. She slowly made her way over to the food, grabbed the side of the plastic container it was in, and took off with it.
She walked along the side of the gas station, into a grassy area, where she was away from everyone, and chowed down on the food! :)
I was so glad that she ate it! Now.. let's just hope that as I continue to do this, she'll eventually let me get closer.

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