Friday, May 2, 2008

You know..

I was just thinking.. Why don't I post any pictures on here? I guess I am worried that someone I know will somehow come across this blog and my secret(s) will be out. But seriously.. what are the odds of that? It's not like I have such an interesting life that people are googling my name to see what they can come up with (although I do not believe this blog will).. But then again, maybe someone is? Yeah, ok.. I only think I'm that important.. Seriously, I'm only kidding.. I seen to be in a mood this evening..

Oh, and PS- People on Craigslist suck. I'm tired of making plans to meet them (for instance, a bird that I was thinking of adopting) and then being called and told that the item/animal (in this case) that I was coming to see, has been sold. Seriously? I have had this time set with you, but someone calls and offers more money? Asshole. See, I told you I was in a mood.

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