Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another day.. another dollar.

Saw little Maggie (as I'm calling her) again today.. Stopped by the gas station on my way into work and was met with strange stares as I parked to the side and got out of the car, carrying a container of dog food. I spotted her, standing in the middle of the busy parking lot.. looking lost. What amazes me is how all of these people can just walk by her and not pay her an ounce of attention. No greeting to her, no remarks on how they feel bad for her. I mean, seriously.. is that what this world has come to? That we honestly don't give a shit about an animal that is suffering? Maybe I am in the minority here, but it seriously breaks my heart. If I have the ability to help, then I'm going to. And I have made this my mission...
I've e-mailed an animal rescue group here in Nashville and am waiting on a reply.. I going to search for some others to see if they can help me. I'm willing/wanting to continue to feed her and try to gain her trust.. Once I reach that goal, I would like to take her to a rescue that can find her a good home.
I thought about her last night as I was laying in bed with my two boys.. They were both cuddled up on the blankets and Coop, resting his head on the pillow.. Bailey prefers to sleep at the bottom. It makes me so sad because at one time, that was Bailey. Homeless-- no where to go to receive love.
So, wish me luck with this and I hope that I gain her trust soon. I want to shorten the length of time that she's out there wandering the streets. And as cliche as this sounds-- spay and neuter your animals. It would help to cut down on helpless animals with no homes.

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