Wednesday, June 3, 2009

...And back on the injections I go!!

My MFM Dr. took me off of my Lovenox and decided to closely monitor me, due to my history of Osteopenia.. She said that being on the injections caould cause me to lose 30% of my bone mass.

Well... today, I started getting some numbness and tingling in my right arm.. My arms are where my blood clots always form.. Which, my Dr. has said, is rare and shows that I have a higher potential to develop clots. So, I called and left a message for my Dr. just to see if I needed to do anything differently (I take a daily aspirin) and they said to start up my Lovenox immediately tonight!

..And just when the bruises on my stomach were starting to heal.. But, whatever it takes to keep this baby alive, I will do.

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