Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Help me think logically

I posted this on some boards that I frequent, but can use any advice I can get. Here's the deal:

I just got off the phone with my fertility Dr's office and they want me to come in for another consultation, which could cost anywhere from $70-$300 just to physically sit down with the Dr. and talk to her about the furture plans and treatments.

Then, if they decide on blood work, it's $X amount (could run a few hundred dollars) and an ultrasound to check for cysts and my other issues (another few hundred dollars).
So, I'm running the chance of leaving that Dr. office with a bill of $900+ (which has to be paid that day before I walk out of the office). Or I could go and just talk to the Dr. and have bloodwork and only have a $300 bill to pay that day.

The problem is 1) that there is no way to know what the Dr. will want done. I have called the Dr.'s office several times and there is no way to know until the Dr. sits down and talks to me and then determines what (if any) additional tests she wants done that day.

2) I got layed off from work a few months ago. I just got a letter this week, saying that I can do COBRA insurance, which would cost me $300 a month. But, in order to reinstate it (which I can do the first of January), I would have to pay back payments since I got layed off and even though I techincally didn't have coverage. So, from 10/31. So, I'd have to pay November, December, and January, which is $900 and then $300 a month from there on out.

So... Do I risk NOT doing the COBRA and going to my appointment and it only being $300, which whatever amount it is, must be paid out of pocket that day... or do I pay the $900 to reinstate my old insurance, which ONLY CONVERS DIGANOSITC TESTING, but NO infertility coverage. Technically, I have already been diagnosed as infertile. But since, they have to do regular MRIs (brain tumor), blood tests (2 blood disorders), ultrasounds (check for cysts, etc.), and pap exams (tenderness associated with the endometriosis/cysts), they can code it as not being strictly for infertility. But, for how long this will fly, I have no idea.. and they can't tell me that either.

Plus, I don't know how much longer I can ride out them submitting it to insurance because best case scenerio, the tumor keeps shrinking, which will hopefully start my cycles back up, and I will start fertility meds, which no matter what are 100% out of pocket and that $900 can go towards that. And anything from that point on is infertility related and all is 100% out of pocket-- all tests, etc.

Ahhh... any advice? My brain hurts from trying to logically figure this all out.
I am so sick of all of this mess... This damn infertility mess sucks!!

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