Saturday, July 12, 2008

Stop procrastinating..

I need to study for my Anatomy class. I must learn evey muscle in the body by Tuesday, for the test. I would say that, so far, I know about a 1/4 of them.
Christian and I are going out to dinner tonight with my friend Kris, that I haven't seen in almost six years. I found him on myspace..
Other than that, we don't have any weekend plans. Christian is over at James' house and they are changing his oil in the car. He'll be home in a little while. My Mom brought Sydney over to visit. Sydney is her new dog.. She's an older dog (between 10-12) and she's really calm. She also puts Coop in his place when he tries to mess with her. Bailey doesn't seem to pay too much attention to her. While they are all quiet, sleeping on the couch, I should learn a few more muscles from my diagrams.
I know I am just wasting time becasue I don't feel like studying, but I'll be kicking myself, come Tuesday, if I don't. Off I go..

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shawna said...

Ugh, good luck! I always found the muscles to be the hardest thing to learn, and forget retaining what I learned. That was the worst part of A&P for me.