Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back from RE Appointment

Well... We had our first consultation today. Christian had come with me to some of my previous appointments with my other doctor, but this was his frist "big" appointment. We sat down and answered a lot of questions and reviewed all of the doctors I've seen, tests that have been run, diagnosis, etc. Then I had to go get a vaginal ultrasound done. You should have seen Christian's face! He was like, "They really just tell you to undress and get on the table?" This is coming from somone who NEVER goes to the doctor. I told him that this was no big deal-- I'd had more untrasounds than I could even count. Good news is that I have quite a few eggs and they look great!

But.. I haven't had a menstrual cycle in a year and obviously, am not ovualting. My Dr. thinks that I may have a tumor on my petuitary gland, so my next appointment is to have an MRI head scan done. I should be getting call later today or tomorrow to schedule that. If they find that I do have a tumor, this could be supressing my hormones from being released, causing me to not ovulate. Once we get the results back from that, we can decide the next plan.

My doctor's (RE) suggestion was to do injectibles, but these will cost $2-$3k a cycle. She said this would help to bring my hormone levels back to normal. Since they are so expensive, she said we could try Clomid/Femara at first, but she doens't seem to have a lot of faith that those will do the job.

Christian and I both had blood work done to test for things as well and should have those results soon. But, for now, the plan is as follows:

-Make appointment for MRI
-If there is a tumor, treat it.
-If no tumor (or after treated) start fertility meds (either injectibles/shots or oral pills: Clomid/Femara)
-I will be monitored with ultrasounds and bloodwork around mid cycle.
-Christian will have another semen analysis
-Perform IUI procedure

Long story short... This can end up being very expensive!!! ..And why most insurances don't cover IF.. I have no idea!

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