Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ever feel like your life is at a stand still?

This is how I feel. It seems like during the week, my life mainly consists of school and work. I get home in the evenings and get to spend time with my Husband and darling boys, Cooper and Bailey, but then before long, it's time for bed and then time to start the day again. I live for the weekends. I live for the two days out of the week where we can relax as a family and spend time together. I know this schedule and hectic life won't last forever.. Eventually, we'll be able to have a normal life. I can't wait for the days where we can actually make a decent dinner and sit down to eat it together during the week.. Just little things that I want and wait for.

As for news in our baby world.. There really isn't anything new. We've got until October and then Christian must do another SA. I need to call my Dr. in the next week or so and see how soon we need to get into the RE. I know it can take some time to even get an appointment, so I guess I need to get the ball rolling on that. It's just an exhausting, roller coaster of a task.. We've began this whole journey a year ago and we aren't any closer than what we were then.

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Jennifer said...

Yes, all the time! The title of my blog is "A Life On Hold" for good reason. I finally broke out a little bit and went ahead and got a new job, but I still feel like I'm just sitting around waiting for the next phase of my life to get started. Tick tock.