Saturday, July 26, 2008

Spoke to Doctor

I called and left a message for my Doctor on Thursday, but didn't get a return call. I knew she didn't work Fridays, so I just assumed I would get a call back Monday. No biggie. I was surprised when she actually called me back today. I had some questions about setting up an appointment with the RE, what I would need, etc. She told me to come in and get copies of my medical file from Tammy, so that I can take it to the RE. So, it looks like I will be calling in the morning to set up my appointment.. I just wonder how soon I can get in. I'm hoping really soon because I just found out that, more than likely, I will be laid off in the next week or two. One of the main issues here is insurance. Not that I have IF insurance coverage, but the fact that I was going to try and do any/all bloodwork testing thru my obgyn and have it sent over to the RE, since it will be covered under insurance then. I have insurance through my Husband's work as well, but myh obgyn doesn't take his insurance.. but.. I also was just told that she is changin practices and moving to a different hospital and that they may take his insurance. The "open" August 1st, I guess, so I'll call over there then to verify.
The other reality is the cost of procedures at the RE office. We will need to find out what route the RE is thinking will be best. It has already been suggested that we do IUI, but I know the costs can greatly vary, depending on meds, etc. Our consultation appointment will determine whether we can afford to continue on (I have a certain amount set aside for treatment) or put it on hold for another year or so.. I don't know.. It just all depends what goes on at that appointment. So, here's to hoping that we get an appointment set soon, so that I can also figure all insurance aspects out, etc. Only time will tell...

Well, it's late here and I can't believe I am still up.. Time to go to bed. I'll write more about our first rescue transport and weekend thus far later.. possibly tomorrow.

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