Thursday, May 28, 2009

General Update

Things are going good.. I have been pretty nauseous the past week or so, but haven't actually thrown up. Just a constant feeling that I am getting ready to. Eating has been a little rough, as nothing sounds good and I have to literally force myself to eat because the thought of food makes me want to vomit! haha ..But my Dr. said that me feeling sick is actually a really good sign. She said that I've just got so many hormones going on in my body (where there has actually been a huge shortage the past few years) and that this really is a good sign. So, I'll take it! :)

We had two appointments on Tuesday.. One was with my high risk pregnancy Dr. (MFM). She decided to take me off of the injections because of my history with osteopenia. She said that since I already have bone loss, that if I stay on the injections throughout my entire pregnancy, it can cause me to lose 30% of the bone mass that I have left. Which, obviously, wouldn't be a good thing because she said it would make my bones extremely brittle. So.. I'm still taking my aspirin each day as a blood thinner and have to keep an eye on the feeling if I am getting any clots. Mine have always been in my arms, which she says are very uncommon and means that I am at a higher risk for clots. She said later in the pregnancy, they may have to put me back on the injections. I see this Dr. again in three weeks.

Then, later that afternoon, we had an appointment with my OBGYN.. We did an ultrasound and saw the baby.. It's amazing how much it has grown since the ultrasound 13 days ago! We could see the head and the arms and the Dr. said when she first looked at the screen it was moving around. When she showed it to us, the baby was floating around upside down. It was amazing that we could actually see that there was, in fact, a baby in there.. It's still such a surreal feeling.. But the Dr. said that everything looks great and that the baby is right on track with where it needs to be! I'll go back to this Dr. in 4 weeks.

So, I am currently 8 weeks pregnant, with a due date of January 6, 2010. The kept going back and forth, but after seeing three doctors, they all agreed on this. :) When I go back to my regular OBGYN, I will be getting ready to start my 2nd trimester.. During my second trimester, I will probably see my high risk Dr. once a month and my OBGYN once a month.. Then, when I start my 3rd trimester (which will be in the beginning of October), both of them want to each see me TWICE a WEEK. So.. my entire weeks from then on will consist of pretty much nothing but Dr's appointments. They've also suggested I not work during my third trimester.. which would be pretty hard to do anyways with all of those appointments.

As far as jobs for us.. Christian is still looking.. He's submitting resumes everyday to companies and is either getting no reply or people saying they are not currently hiring. I think him and I need to sit down this weekend and really brainstorm on ideas.. Double check which companies he has applied to, send out hard copy resumes, etc. Thankfully, he still has his current job!

Yesterday, I submitted all of my paperwork to get my license to practice.. It took a few days of running around to get everything that I needed, but it is finally done. Now, it's just a waiting game to hear back from them and to receive my license. I'm hoping it's within the next couple of weeks because I really need to start work. I have that job offer from my first clinical rotation, and I have already received the hire packet to fill out and today, my Supervisor and I will be talking money.. I'm so ready to start, but can't do anything until I receive my license.

Mason is still his crazy self and Cooper is still always wanting to be on top of me. We have noticed a big change in Bailey, which surprises me. I think he senses that there is something "different" with me because anytime I'm laying on the couch, he has to be touching me with his head next to, or on my belly. He has also gotten very protective and barks at any noise or any person outside.. He has NEVER done this. Before these changes, we could count how many times he has barked in the years that we have had him..

So.. that's what's been going on with us.. :)

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shawna said...

I just wanted to say how happy I am for you. I hope that the nausea passes soon.