Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Injection + Pain = Check!!

Just got done with my first injection.. Wow! That hurt!! It actually felt like electric shocks as the medicine was going in..

Funny story (but not so much at the time):

I could not, for the life of me, get the cap off of the needle. C and I both tried for 20 minutes.. We went to 2 neighbors who weren't home to see if they could try (one has gone through IF stuff, so I thought she may be my best shot, as she knows about our pregnancy). Then, our older neighbor next door was outside and I asked him if he knew of anyone in the neighborhood who was a nurse (we just moved here a few months back). He pointed me to a house (we have never met this lady) and C and I walked over to knock on her door. Her windows were open and we could hear people talking, but they wouldn't answer the door..

So, finally, I got in the car and was headed to Walgreens and called my Mom. She suggestion that I try the fire department, so I turned around and drove there!! I went in and told them this was my first injection and could not get the cap off. They tried for a minute and then finally pulled at it like they were going to rip it in half and it finally came off.. Hopefully, that one was just defective and they aren't all like that.. So, then I drove home with an open syringe so I could give myself my first injection at home... The things we do... lol

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