Friday, May 15, 2009

Feeling Thankful

Today I am feeling so thankful. After checking in on my TTTC ladies, I just became overwhelmed with a sense of thankfulness. I am so thankful to have this baby growing inside of me. I am so thankful to have gotten pregnant during our "break cycle". It's almost overwhelming to me... I am still in shock, but I am so, so happy. I saw someone on Facebook post ultrasound pictures.. She is about 8 weeks ahead of me and you can clearly make out the features of the baby. I cannot wait until we get an ultrasound like this!

Yesterday was the first morning that I woke up feeling sick. I woke up feeling sick this morning as well. But, once I got up and ate some oatmeal, I started to feel better.

I'm still waiting to hear back from my Dr.'s office. The daily injections they want me to take are over $1200 out of pocket a month, so we are contacting the distributor directly to see if something can be worked out, since that is an outrageous expense. My Dr. is out of the office today, so I don't expect to hear back until Monday.

Overall, things are going great! I paid the fee to register to take my boards exam so I can get my license to practice. I was offered a job before I found out I was pregnant and I let my future boss know that I am pregnant and she was more than fine with it! She is so great and I'm thankful to have a future boss like her.. Hopefully, I'll be able to begin work in the next couple of weeks.

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shawna said...

I missed the BFP. Congratulation! I am so happy for you.