Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What are we going to do?!?!

"What are we going to do?!?!" This is what I am currently listening to my coworkers say from across the room.. followed by a series of fake, loud, obnoxious crying! haha
They are talking about me leaving.. about Friday being my last day. We're trying to keep the mood light around here, but I know it will be hard on Friday.. Even tomorrow will be hard because three of my coworkers are off on Friday, so tomorrow will be my last day with them. :(

I don't know what I am going to do.. not in a financial aspect because I think we've pretty much got that worked out.. but just going from having something going on non stop.. to having nothing. I'll have that two week break where I will have no school and no work. Talk about a change.

I'm getting anxious about my final grade in Anatomy. My last day of class is this Thursday and I think they have a week to post grades. I won't be able to fully relax until I know what that grade is. I've started a list of things that I want to do during my time off:

-Give Emma's cage a really good cleaning (parrot)
-Give Kiwi, Ty, and Cotton's cage a really good cleaning (parakeets)
-Take Cooper and Bailey for many walks and maybe even to the park a few times. Christian and I always do this together, but I may try it on my own.. depending on how busy it is.
-Lay out by the pool and get a tan
-Read a good book
-Organize my closet
-Give my house a really good cleaning
-Watch court tv shows! :)
-Watch some talk shows (another of my guilty pleasures!)
-Cook some awesome meals

...I'm sure the list will continue as I think more about it.

I should be getting my test results back from the MRI today or tomorrow. Let me just tellyou.. that was one of my worst doctor's appointment experiences ever. It really was horrible. I hate needles and was told that I wouldn't have an IV. Trust me, I am always being pocked with needles to have blood drawn, etc. but I like to know ahead of time to get myself mentally ready for it (yes, I'm a little crazy when it comes to needles). So, I go to this appointment thinking that it's no big deal.. I was told that as long as I was fine with going to a tannig bed, then the MRI wouldn't make me feel panicked and that was, basically, all there was to it. WRONG.

I sat down for my consultation and we went over health problems, why I was having this done, etc. Then (just to reassure myself) I stated, "Now, I will not have an IV, right?" And she looked at me like it was a silly question and said that yes, I would.. I told her I called ahead of time to check and was told no and she said they were incorrect and shouldn't have told me that information..

So.. ok.. no time to really prepare myself. I normally have Christian or my Mom go to any "different" doctor appointments with me. When it was just at my obgyn, I would go alone.. but for things like these, someone comes with me. But, I told them they didn't have to since I thought I was just being put through a machine for a few minutes.

We go into the room with the MRI machine and I lay down.. They then strap my head into some head rest thing and put a helmet over me.. Let me just tell you.. that machine was NOT the size of a tanning bed! Maybe 1/3 the size of it. I tend the freak out a little in closed spaces, so I started getting short of breath. I went through the machine and had to wear ear plugs because it sounded like a jack hammer right by my head. Next thing I knew, one of the lady's came up and grabbed my hand. I wasn't sure what she was doing until she tied my arm off.. and then I knew! I started panicking and telling her to stop.. They had me stuck in the machine will my arms and lower body sticking out and were getting ready to put the IV in.

They had to pull me out of the machine because I was having a panick attack. And, to top it off, they didn't give me the IV in my arm (which I am used to). They gave it to me in the back of my hand!! It was so much more painful this way!

I know I am a chicken.. I know I probably sound like a baby.. But man, was this a horrible experience. Often times, people ask me how I will ever have a baby and go thru labor if I get worked up over this. But when that day comes, there will be a real purpose behind any pain. For now, we're still in the "testing" phase.. So these needles are all just to do tests, which will eventually help, but you eventually get tired of it all and begin to feel like a science experiment.

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The_Horse_Yeller! said...

I am surprised that they did not give you a Xanex first....they will typically do that if you are me. But most places will also have the open MRI's now too.