Monday, August 4, 2008

We can see!!

So, Christian and I went to get our eyes checked this weekend. I already wear glasses (and have regularly for the past few months) and wanted contacts. I've been trying to convince himfor the past year that he needs to have his eyes checked, etc. but he kept telling me they were fine. Long story short, we both got our eyes checked (mine, rechecked) and left there with a trial pair of contacts. We go next weekend to pick up our prescription. For a guy who claims that his eyesight was just fine, I sure am hearing a lot about what he can see now! haha

I got for my MRI this evening after work. I am a little nervous (mainly about whether or not I will have to have an IV), but also ready to just get it over with. This is a large step to determine exactly what we will do next. I guess that once the results come in, we'll have another appointment with the RE and go over our options. I'm leaning more towards at least one month with Clomid, to see if my body is even going to react to anything. I would hate to spend all that money on injectibles and then my body not respond to them. Is there some certainty that they will even work? I'm just nervous about it all.. I don't want to money to end up being wasted if my body doesn't react. I feel like I am putting a price on our baby with all of this.. I just hate it.

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