Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Is this necessary?

What the hell... My boobs are killing me. There are so sore and so heavy. They literally feel like they have gained a few pounds. Since we all know that I don't have menstrual cycles (and haven't in over a year and a half), this isn't it. And we all know equally as much that there is not a chance that it is a pregnancy.. And for those that are thinking.. "Well, you never know..." in that sing songy voice-- Cut the crap. :) I've taken a test and... waiting, waiting.. are you ready for it........ NEGATIVE. Just like I said. Not that I, at all, expected anything different.

So.. Here I am, wondering what the heck is making my boobs feel this way and wishing it would stop.

(What a way to update my blog after a long period of MIA.. yeah, I know.)

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