Thursday, October 9, 2008

Feeling Excited

Things have been so crazy these last couple of weeks that this is the first time that I have really been able to take a moment and just think...

I cannot believe that we are moving into our own house this weekend! We've had goals and dreams set and I am realizing that they are all slowly starting to fall into place. We are moving into our house, Christian graduated in March, I graduate in May.. It's kind of surreal to me. The next thing we need to accomplish is having a baby!

I went by the house this evening to take some things over.. and that's when it hit me. That this weekend, we will actually be living here. I am so happy that the boys will have more room and have a yard to play in. I am looking forward to having people over for dinner and bon fires and just making the house our home.

My school semester is already half way over-- can you believe that?!?! I sure can't! Come Thanksgiving, I'm pretty much done with the semster, except for finals, which are the first week in December. Then, I'll have a few weeks off and will start Fieldwork.. Wow! Time has really flown by!

Not sure if I've posted before, but we added another member to our pack. Mason is a Border Collie that came to me after his amputation for his recovery period. Long story short, he's staying with me! :) And he's going through training to become a therapy dog. Bailey and Cooper are tolerating him more and more. They are just not used to his super playful personality yet.

Well... I guess I need to come back to reality and start on some school assignments. Get them done and over with. But, I have enjoyed my few moments of singing along to music, surfing my message boards, and catching up on blogs...

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