Tuesday, April 1, 2008

FatFeet.com it is.

I have a pregnant co worker that sits near me.. She was complaining today about how her feet are swollen and she doesn't understand why they make maternity clothes, but not maternity shoes. I might add that I would typically not be annoyed at this, but since she complains about everything known to mankind, it has begun to grate on my ever loving nerves. If it's not heart burn, it's her back.. She's just "ready to get this kid out of her".
So, I smartly remarked on the fact that some people just have naturally fat feet and I wonder how they find shoes that fit them well? Her current shoes are too small so she has taken to wearing sandals and took one off today and couldn't put it back on.. So, I told her that I would make a website of maternity shoes. It shall be called FatFeet.com. And I will become rich because I got an idea from her constant complaining.

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