Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lortab, my love...

I called my nurse the other day because I was having a lot of pain from my endo.. It has almost been unbearable. I've been going to bed the last few nights with my electric heat pad to help with some of the pain, but it didn't do too much. I'm expecting AF next week, and that is probably going to be hell. Last month's was, so I'm preparing for the same..
So, my nurse called in a presctiption of Lortab for me. I need to go and pick it up to have on hand. The thing that sucks is that I really can't take it at school or work.. but at least I'll have it to help me in the evenings..
You know.. if I could just get pregnant, I wouldn't have to be dealing with this! God.. do you hear me?

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amykevin said...

I'm so sorry! Do the pain meds work for you?!? Unfortunately they don't help my condition, but I do get lovely Flexiril & Ambien!