Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Head Hurts

I am sitting at my desk, taking a "smoke break". I don't smoke, but I figure that the smokers around this office take at least an hour of smoke breaks a day, so my 5 to 10 minute breaks here and there are just fine.
I'm listening to coworkers talk about 401k. It's that time of the month where it's time to move your money around, if you so chose. We pretty much all follow each other. It starts with the stock know it all of the company and travles down from one person to the next. If I really had the extra time, I would educate myself on the topic. But for the moment, I just go with the flow.. Some quarters are better than others, but I'm still young.. I've got time for it to rebound.
I'm meeting a couple of classmates tonight to study for a test we've got coming up in a week or so. I don't feel like going, but I'd feel bad backing out at the last moment. I honestly don't have much to bring to the table because I haven't had the extra time to study lately for this class. There are other assignments that take importance over this, for the moment. Not to say that I don't need to worry about this class.. because I certainly do! We're meeting at a restaurant and I wonder how long they will put up with us after we've eaten.. just sitting there, taking up space for their business, while we're studying.. But on the other hand, it shouldn't be too busy due to the fact that it's a week night. There was talk of staying for three hours, but I am planning on staying there for two hours, at the most. I'm just exhausted today.
5 more days.. 5 more school days.. not counting weekends or exam days. I get out on Wednesday.. and then have exams until the end of the month. May 1st will be my first, school free day of the summer! I will be free for 4 months!! I CANNOT wait.
I'm looking forward to having time to exercise and get into shape, go to the tanning bed to ultimately lay out at the pool, clean my house on a regular basis, and cook decent meals! Bring on the summer!

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