Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Adding onto my list...

Fianlly got a call back from my Dr.'s office about my bone density scan. Osteopenia was shown on the scan, which is a precursor to osteoporosis. So, I already have a reduction in my bone mass/density (which typically doesn't happen until you are older). An appointment has already been made for me to see an Endocrologist so we can figure out what the heck is going on with my hormones. I was also told that I will be put on medication for my bones.

So, let's recap it all for anyone who happened to recently stumble across my blog:

- Endometriosis
- 2 Blood Disorders (Pai 1 and MTHRF)
- Pituitary Tumor
- Osteopenia

It seems that no matter where I go, I can't escape babies or pregnant people. Thankfully, I am not in the "mad" stage right now, but it does make me sad.. I sit there and watch them and think about how I cannot wait until Christian and I have a baby. And wonder if I will even get there... and realize and think about everything that I have already gone through and what I will have to continue to go through to even have the chance of getting pregnant and delivering a healthy baby. I find myself surrounded by discussions of people talking about their pregnancy, how they are decorating the nursery, names they have picked out.. people who have recently had children.. stories of what their children are doing. When is it going to be our time?

So... the next step is that I will be starting acupuncture with a guy who is known for his success with infertility. Christian will also be taking supplements from the acupuncturist. We will set up the consultation in a couple of weeks and begin by the first of February. I've already had a phone consultation with him and he wants Christian and I both to cut out caffeine completely, wants me to eat eggs twice a day for the animal protein (since I am a vegetarian and won't eat meat), and not do any cardio. I am having an issue with the no cardio, as I want to lose about 10 pounds, especially before I become pregnant. I've done some research and found that weight can still be lost without cardio, but I just think it would be really difficult... But, I do know that diet is the majority of the plan for weight loss. So, I do need to start eating better.. and stop sipping on the coke I just had. Yes, I know.. no caffeine. I have said that once the caffeine is out of my house, I will not buy anymore.. And I have some tea left and about a half liter of Coke left.. Then, I'll turn hard core. I wonder if he means no chocolate either? That does have caffeine... This may be harder than I originally thought..

So... to sum it up, acupuncture until June. If no success, onto injectables and IUI.


Lindsey Corbin said...

And remember you always have friends to support you! And donate eggs of course! I hope your fieldwork is going well, and at least you aren't sitting around thinking about it all day!

Gowthaman said...

People say that whatever i tell becomes true quite soon!! So i am going to say this now

" You will have lots of beautiful babies in the near future "

Good Luck!!!

A Baby Peach said...

Good luck w/ Steve! He's so awesome! I know it's hard to change your diet (and I, too, had a hard time eating more animal protein), but trust me - it's worth it if it can help you! :) Let me know how it goes!

I gave up all caffeine but still had a little chocolate every so often. There isn't a lot compared to coffee or tea and I think dark has the most (which sucks for me b/c I like that the best), but just ask him what he thinks. I asked him specific, crazy questions all the time. :)

Greg and Heather said...

Just found your blog on onther IF blogs and wanted to wish you luck! I'm sorry things seem to be pouring down on you now!

Thinking of you as a fellow IF'er