Sunday, September 21, 2008

Getting a house!

Well... We are buying a house! We signed the contract last Sunday and get the keys in two weeks. We are very excited.. Having three dogs in an apartment has been a little crazy. Plus, this house is a pretty big size and has plenty of room for a baby.. or two. ;)

As far as any updates with my IF stuff: None really. Originally, I was going to be having an MRI around this time, but the Dr. has decided that she wants me to do another round of medication for the tumor. I'll be on that for another month and then we'll figure out where to go from there.. An MRI or another round of meds, I'm not sure..

But, when we move in the house, I have already chosen the room that will be the nursery. I've got to think positive, right? Yes, some days are easier than others. But having Mason (our newest addition- a Border Collie) has taken my mind off of the constant wonder of when we are going to be able to get pregnant. Mason had his back leg amputated and I have been taking care of him during his recovery..

So, our big news at the moment is that we are buying a house.. and I am satisfied with this at the moment! :)

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